Rocket Yield is a one-of-a-kind mediation layer and optimization platform designed specifically for all embedded video ad units.
Publishers use Rocket Yield to increase competition among video providers, simplify ad management and improve yield from all video ad units, like outstream, in-banner, interstitial, in-article, native and other video units.
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How It Works

A single integration mediates and auto prioritizes
all your video-player providers.

Integrating, testing and correctly prioritizing video providers, especially outstream and third-party video solutions, is difficult and time consuming. No single provider will fill every impression, so publishers end up with a waterfall approach that just won't work with the precision needed to increase yield from these units.

The Problems

  1. An embedded video player uses custom code and functions differently with each provider. This nonuniformity makes proper mediation impossible by a traditional ad server.

  2. Video fill rates tend to be inconsistent and almost never 100%, so knowing which provider will have the best fill rate and net the highest yield is difficult to predict.

  3. A waterfall approach can work, but will never fully optimize yield and certainly not in an automated fashion.

  4. There are dozens of video providers in the marketplace today and each will say they perform better than the others.

  5. Most video providers focus on delivering KPIs for advertisers first, while improving yield for publishers is secondary or not a priority at all.

Which provider will have the best fill rates over time?

Which one will produce the highest yield?

Which one should be prioritized first in my waterfall?

Do I have the manpower to manage and prioritize several video providers?
So many questions for publishers to deal with - Rocket Yield works to solve them all.

The Rocket Yield Solution

Rocket Yield was created specifically with the challenges of publishers in mind. It is designed to automate the management and prioritization of multiple video providers through algorithmic machine learning. The advanced algorithms analyze multiple data points to determine how to best prioritize video providers, ensuring the publisher sees the highest possible yield from their embedded video ad units.

Having multiple providers compete for priority position is key to seeing success with outstream and other embedded video ad units. Each provider will say they'll beat out the others, but the Rocket Yield technology objectively decides which one gets priority at any given point in time.


Whether it’s two or ten providers in the stack, an ongoing evaluation of fill rates, CPM and several other data points work to ensure the priority is set ongoing to maximize yield. A simple waterfall approach doesn’t work. A simple, yet highly logical, approach to integrating a video player unit, like with outstream video, is to call the highest CPM deal first and then waterfall to the rest. The problem with this approach is that fill rates from video generally are not 100% and fill can fluctuate wildly at times, which creates the possibility of the wrong provider prioritized in the first position and having an adverse affect on yield.

Rocket Yield is a proprietary technology that provides intelligence for yield optimization. The technology incorporates continuously trained, tested, and deployed machine learning models for a state-of-the-art technology stack with specialized algorithms.

Tools to Succeed

A one of a kind platform that gives publishers the necessary tools to evaluate performance and an in depth look into the analytics of each video ad unit and provider.

Real-Time Statistcs

Deep Dive Analytics

Tons of Providers

Intelligent Alerts

Only Add it Once

Always Learning

Publisher First

Most video providers focus on delivering advertiser KPIs first, which can leave publishers on their own to improve fill rates, eCPM and overall performance. Rocket Yield is a publisher-first solution that promotes competition among multiple video providers and lets the technology objectively decide what works best.

A one of a kind publisher-centric platform and technology.

Maximize fill rates and increase yield.

Mediation that's specific for video ad units.

Minimize ad operations overhead and headaches.

Combine instream and outstream video into one unit.

Rocket Yield uses the code from a publisher’s existing video providers without touching that revenue. The Rocket Yield marketplace is then opted in for additional competition and everything is mediated and auto-prioritized to maximize yield.

About Us

Rocket Yield is a one-of-a-kind publisher-centric mediation technology and platform. Other ad tech platforms promoting their ability to help publishers optimize video revenue also promote their ability to hit stringent KPIs for advertisers. That’s a difficult balancing act that doesn’t always work in favor of the publisher. We have a different approach.

We focus our efforts on the best results for publishers by creating a competitive landscape among video providers, which is key to seeing success with outstream and other embedded video ad units. With this approach, publishers know there is an objective technical solution and partner working on their behalf.

Rocket Yield is a product of Yield Nexus, founded in 2016 with offices in Los Angeles, Kansas City and Shanghai China.